Miller Review Course I

An intense, current, and comprehensive review of orthopaedics unlike any other course. The Miller Review Course focuses on teaching students the ESSENTIAL TESTABLE MATERIAL for the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons (Part I) Examination.  



In-Person Lectures

The faculty feel strongly that in-person lectures and opportunities to talk to faculty offer the best scenario for thorough exam preparation. Full course CDs, DVDs, audio recordings, or other media are not sold or provided separately in order to encourage lecture attendance and, thus, the best possible exam outcomes.


The rigorous lecture schedule runs all day Wednesday through Saturday of Review Course week and a half-day on Sunday. Breakfast, lunch, and short breaks are provided. Faculty stay as long as their schedules allow and are often available to interact with attendees.



The Miller Review Course Part I registration fee for 2020 is $1395 from June 10 to September 7, $1495 from September 8 to December 31 and from Jan 1 is $1625 until April 15.  In addition, we request all registration deposits be paid by April 15th to facilitate on-site check-in. Purchase and familiarity with the Miller Review text is recommended – Review of Orthopaedics, Eighth Edition (is in the works and will be available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble).

NEW THIS YEAR - added bonus

We are excited about extending a free one year subscription to JBJS Clinical Classroom, an online learning tool that will help residents prepare for their board exams in July as well as throughout their careers as orthopaedic surgeons. Resident’s JBJS Clinical Classroom subscription will become activated upon course deposit or payment and we will notify the attendees as to how to access their complimentary subscription.

Refund Policy

  • Registration fee or deposit less $200 through December 31

  • No refunds after December 31

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